A Summer Morning Cruise To Cave Point

Have you ever lived in a place for so long that sights become routine and new things go unnoticed because your mind isn't focused on the journey but on the destination? 
You wouldn't think this would be the case for me.  Living in beautiful Door County always provides something new to look at and enjoy.  However, I experienced this very thing as I got up early and headed for Cave Point County Park. 

My intent was to pack for a lunch and hike, hop on the bike and go.  I didn't expect to have a change of plans.... Because I have lived in the county for so long, one of my favorite things to do is to find new roads to explore.  It keeps life interesting and allows me the opportunity to find beautiful views, hiking trails and out-of-the way places.  A different route took me on a backroad I have never been on. Instead of taking Hwy 57 all the way to Clarks Lake Road, I went to Valmy and took a right onto Whitefish Bay Road.  

Less than two miles down the road I took a left onto Nelson Road and drove past one of the most interesting rock walls I have ever seen in Door County! The wall caught me off-guard!  I didn't expect to see such a work of art in such an out-of-the-way place!  I turned around and needed to get a closer look!  As I got off my cycle to take a picture and find out exactly what "the wall" was all about, a man was motioning to me to come over and talk to him.  Being the friendly county that we are, he wanted me to get a closer look and was all set to answer any questions that I might have!  It turned out to be a friend who drove a school bus for many years and drove my kids to many of their athletic events!  He had "built" this wall as a hobby and loved nothing more than to share with those who passed by!  I was amazed, especially because I built a MUCH smaller rock wall in our backyard years ago and I know how exhausting just a small, simple wall can be to build.  This one however, extended the length of his yard with a beautiful garden set in the middle.  Ken Birnschein loves to share his wall and tell his story; stop by and share your story with him!  You'll be glad you did.  Next up...Cave Point County Park!

From Ken's property on Nelson Road I drove less than a mile to Clarks Lake Road which leads directly to the park.  As I entered the park I saw a sign that I (as well as most motorcyclists, I think) love to see!  A curving, scenic, smooth road stood in front of me.  For those of us who ride, I think you will agree that there is nothing better than a clear day, curving road and gentle breeze to put you into the most perfect of moods!

Cave Point is gorgeous on a clear August morning.  I tend to be a little more adventurous so I parked the bike down a ways from the parking lot so I could hike more off the beaten path.  This is a typical picture of my bike as I change, get a snack, and prepare for my adventure.  The great thing about Door County is that I have never worried about the safety of my bike when I park it anywhere!  People are respectful and appreciate other travelers; perhaps curious onlookers like to get a closer look at your ride but never a worry about leaving it parked when I hike. Another perfect thing about Door County-a safe place to live and visit!

Cave Point is one of those rare places that words and pictures don't do justice.  I love coming out here by myself, even if for a few hours.  This is a place where I can unwind for awhile and just enjoy the serenity of a beautiful August morning in Door County.

I saw a group of kayakers who picked a perfect day as it was pretty calm for Lake Michigan.  Sometimes the waves discourage watersports, but not today!  Sitting on the rocks overlooking the lake gave me a feeling of serenity.  I love our county!

As I walked down below the bluffs and hiked along the rocky shoreline, I noticed so many unharmed plants and flowers; all of which make Cave Point the beautiful place it is!  It was interesting to see flowers growing right out of the rocks.

Back to Sturgeon Bay, and the Wisconsin Motorcycle Memorial was right on my way.  I know I mention this place quite often, but it's such a cool place, and I find myself pulling in on many of my cruises. The "walk of remembrance" is made up of bricks that people have dedicated to loved ones they have lost.  For me it has a way of putting life in perspective and appreciating things that I sometimes take for granted.

Just before I was ready to hop on my bike and head back home, I came across this note that was left on one of the bricks.

It was back on the road, sun was shining, warm breeze through my hair, cruising to my hearts content! Until next time...Live well. Laugh often. Love much.