Tours Teach
Value of Door
County's History

Tours Teach Value of Door County’s History

In Door County you’re surrounded by a rich history that can be experienced in many different ways. No matter your age, it’s important to stay in touch with cultural and historical roots and a great way to do this is by taking a guided tour. These fun and interactive tours will open your eyes to the past and present of the area’s communities, people and industries.

“One of our members said that there is a story to be told for every foot of shoreline of Door County,” says Trudy Herbst, President of the Door County Historical Society. “And that really is true.”

Herbst, who is originally from Chicago, has been living in Door County since 1998. She has a true love for the area and explains that, “there is a sense of community and caring that you don’t necessarily experience in a big city environment.” 

The Door County Historical Society:

The Historical Society was founded in 1926 with the mission to preserve and collect the history of Door County to share with current and future generations. The society is a membership organization that has two different interactive sites: Heritage Village at Big Creek in Sturgeon Bay, which is an 1880-1910 village and Eagle Bluff Lighthouse in Peninsula State Park.

Both these locations have a great appeal to various ages and are unique because of their docent led tours. The tour guides tell the stories of that era based on what the visitors are most interested in and can answer specific questions that a small placard simply can’t. It’s a very engaging and interactive experience, especially when children are involved.

The Door County Historic Society welcomes visitors to join them for their membership meetings on the fourth Monday of each month. They also have history related fundraisers throughout the year where people can show their support.

Whether it’s learning about our early settlers or the building of the integral Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal, these historical tours are sure to be a fun and memorable experience for your Door County trip.