Top 10 Ways
to Enjoy Autumn
in Door County

Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Autumn in Door County

Here in Door County we make the most of every season. There are unique activities and experiences for each time of year that make this place so special and autumn is especially festive with fun opportunities for everyone. We don’t let the brisk winter slow us down, but there are certain things to make sure you do before it arrives.

    1. See the fall colors. Autumn is gorgeous in Door County because you’re surrounded by vibrant colors and beautiful scenery as the leaves transition throughout the season.
    2. Go on a hike. Make the most of the great outdoors and get a sweat going by hiking some of our bluffs and parks.
    3. Attend a festival. This festive time of year is full of fun events for the whole family like pumpkin patches, fall fests and spooky Jack O’Lantern Days.
    4. Visit an orchard or farm. This bountiful time of year is ripe with delicious local food that can be found and personally picked at the Door County farms and orchards.
    5. Go on a historical tour. Looking for a fun and educational activity for any age to enjoy? Take a tour at one of the Door County’s historic sites and learn all sorts of fun facts about the area.
    6. Go camping. Take advantage of the dwindling warm days and spend as much time as possible outside. With numerous campsites to choose from there is something to suit any one’s needs. 
    7. Take a bike ride. Whether it’s a leisurely ride or one that tests your stamina, hit the trails at our parks and shorelines for an active and scenic adventure
    8. Make fall-inspired art. This beautiful and vibrant time of year is sure to inspire your inner artist. Take a local class and make your own art to gift or enjoy!
    9. Build a bonfire. What’s fall without a great big bonfire to cozy up at? Whether it’s at your campsite or cottage, make sure you’re well informed on fire safety and regulations in the County.
    10. Tour a winery. Door County is a fully-fledged wine destination with 8 diverse wineries and a wine trail. The vineyards are at their peak in autumn and are a great place to visit for wine-lovers.

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