Top 8 Ways
to Get Cozy
in Door County

Top 8 Ways to Get Cozy in Door County

Wisconsin winters aren’t always the most welcoming but they do offer the perfect opportunity to slow down, curl up and get cozy indoors. Here are the top 8 ways to get cozy in Door County this winter.

1. Visit a Local Café

Flavorful, rich and oh so warm, there’s nothing that can warm you up faster than your favorite cappuccino or latte. With coffee shops and cafes in each community, there are plenty of options for your morning cup of Joe. Wander over to your local shop for a warm pastry and some hot cocoa for the kiddos to make any winter morning cozier.

2. Rent a Cabin

What’s more comforting than relaxing by a crackling fire in a log cabin? Book a cabin during for your stay and stock up on firewood for some long nights of storytelling..

3. Mix Up a Hot Toddy

Make a hot toddy filled with seasonal flavors. Add a dash of cherry as a garnish to remind you of those warm summer days. That little nip will help warm you up on the coldest of nights.

4. Heat Things Up

Grab your friends and some dry wood for a winter bonfire at your cottage, make sure you’re informed on fire safety and regulations in the County.

5.Shop for Cozy Comforts

Our boutiques offer the perfect winter accessories for those chilly days and nights. Stock up on some locally made slippers, hats, and mittens. Find a one-of-a-kind throw to drape over your lap as you catch up on that novel you’ve been waiting to read.

6. Take Up Knitting

For those days that aren’t all too inviting outdoors, knitting is the perfect indoor activity. Don’t know how? Check for shops that offer open sessions and workshops. Use your new skills to make some extra scarves to keep warm this winter. Or if knitting isn’t your thing, visit our other fine art and craft stores.

7. Cook Up Some Comfort

It’s that time of year for soups, stews and slow-cooked meals. Consider getting out those cherries you froze this summer for a deliciously tart glaze on some slow-cooked pork.

8. Book a Massage

There’s nothing cozier than a pampering massage at one of Door County’s spas. The warm blankets, hot stones, and heated essential oils will have your mind and body drifting from thoughts of winter to pure relaxation.