Pubs and Bars:
Entertainment to Beat
the Winter Blues

Pubs & Bars: Entertainment to Beat the Winter Blues

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Many of Door County’s pubs and taverns offer year-round entertainment. So grab some friends and see just what our pubs have to offer this winter.

Tour a Brewery

See how Wisconsin makes the beer it’s known for at a brewery tour. Sample local drafts, learn about the beer making process and join in on some of their festivities. Some breweries have live music, community gatherings and more.

Live Local Music

Don’t settle for jukebox jams when you can hear it live. Head over to one of our taverns for a pint and live entertainment over the weekend. Many bars headline some of Door County’s finest musicians.

Karaoke Night

It’s your time to shine. Belt out some tunes during karaoke night. Whether or not you’re record-label material, this experience will leave you and your travel buddies will have some memorable stories to tell.

Fine Wine & Spirits

Calling all connoisseurs. Door County is a mecca for fine wines and spirits. Try craft cocktail concoctions created by expert mixologists, order from a wide selection of red and white vintages, or sip on aged bourbon, rye and scotch while you’re here.

Comedy Night

You’re in for a night of laughter as you watch top performers from around the country perform their acts. Perfect for a date night, this is anything but a boring night indoors.

Grab a Bernie at J.J.’s of Jacksonport

What’s a Bernie? A friend of J.J. himself, Bernie’s unique way to drink tequila with cinnamon sugar and an orange has become a tasty Door County tradition not to be missed. Try some of J.J.’s Mexican/American cuisine along side your Bernie and take in this fun dining experience.