Life is
Making History

Life is Making History

There’s a reason why Door County is known for its iconic cherries, lighthouses, and shorelines – because they’ve stood the test of time. Visitors have been flocking here to enjoy the sights and activities with friends, families and spouses for generations, forming memories and creating traditions with each visit.

Picking Cherries

Cherries have been a staple of life in Door County since the late 1800s. Whether you come to see the blossoms, pick tart cherries to take home, stroll through the orchards, or visit the fruit wineries and enjoy a slice of Door County cherry pie, there are endless activities that let you enjoy over 2,500 acres of orchards. The area dubbed, “A Kingdom So Delicious” begs you to enjoy the tastes and a piece of our history.
Learn more about our cherries.

Gobbling Up a Fish Boil

For more than 70 years, locals and visitors have been enjoying Door County’s traditional fish boils. Friends and family gather round a fire where locally caught whitefish, boiled on an open flame, isooked to perfection and served with melted butter, lemon wedges, coleslaw, and other fixings,depending on where you go.
See for yourself.

Exploring the Lighthouses

With some dating as far back as the 1800s, our historic lighthouses serve as symbols of strength and protection. With Door County’s extensive shipping history, it’s no doubt these inspiring buildings can be credited with saving countless lives aboard ships. Learn about the 11 lighthouses and even tour some of these historic landmarks.
See all of our lighthouses.

Climbing Lookout Towers

Get a bird's eye view of the spectacular sights all around when you climb one of the numerous lookout towers. Some towers even reach 75 feet high to let you take in the beautiful blues and variety of greens that sit below.
Learn more about lookout towers.

Enjoying Outdoor Theaters

During summer, there’s no better way to wrap up a night than with a movie or theatrical performance under the stars. Door County has one of the last remaining drive-in theatres in Wisconsin. Skyway Drive-In Theatre has been bringing families together under the stars since 1950. The Northern Sky Theater (formerly American Folklore Theatre), Peninsula Players, and Door Shakespeare all bring amazing performances to enchanting wooded venues for an experience you won’t soon forget.
Learn more about the Arts & Culture scene.

Sunsets & Sunrises

Our 300 miles of shoreline offer panoramic views of the sunsets over the waters of Green Bay and the sunrise over Lake Michigan. Whether you view it from a pier, a beach, or even a balcony, the sights are sure to humble you and remind you to live life well.

Pay us a visit and make your own memories with these traditional Door County activities. Tell us, what are some of your traditions?

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