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Introducing Hankr: A Visual Dining Guide

One of the best ways to get to know a new locale and experience it in its most authentic form is to sample its restaurants and signature dishes, and Door County is no exception.

But...have you ever wished you could see a restaurant meal before you order it? Or been looking for a good burger but felt overwhelmed by all the similar-sounding options? Or maybe you’ve craved something barbecued or deep fried or vegan or decadent but didn’t know what exactly would satisfy your appetite?

Hankr, Door County’s new visual dining experience, is here to help. The image-based dining guide is the perfect starting point when planning out your trip’s meals or finding exactly what you crave right in the moment, when you’re already on your trip and in need of immediate sustenance.

The Hankr guide includes dozens of Door County restaurants’ dishes, and food photos from even more dining spots will be added in the coming months. Here’s how to use the guide to its full potential and never worry about food FOMO again.

What It Is

Hankr is a “visual dining guide” that lets you search for exactly what dish, ingredient, flavor, cuisine, or food style you’re craving. Think of it as a county-wide menu packed with high-quality, up-to-date images of menu items to activate the visual side of your appetite.

How It Works

Door County partnered with Hankr’s photographers, who came to local restaurants to snap beautiful, high-quality, and photo-realistic images of the menu offerings.

The dishes and preparations you see in the images are faithful to what you’ll receive if you order them in the restaurant. The goal of curating this Door County Hankr experience is to provide as accurate and realistic food images as possible so you can know exactly what to look forward to when you sit down for a meal at a local restaurant.

How to Use It

When you don’t know which restaurant you want to check out—or you and your dining partner/s have differing opinions of what sounds good for dinner—head over to Door County’s Hankr to find a spot with the perfect cross-section of flavors or dishes.

Play with the sidebar filters to begin searching for your ideal dish using your mood, a dietary preference, favorite cuisine, or desired dish as a jumping-off point. Then, narrow down your results even further.

A screenshot of the Hankr tool depicting a grid of meal options and sidebar for filtering options.

For example, start by selecting “cheesy” from the ‘Mood’ filters. You will see all kinds of dishes pop up, from sandwiches and grilled cheeses to burgers, pizzas, and pastas. Then, try narrowing down your food ideas even further, selecting, say, “bacon” or “iconic Door County,” which would result in either foods that are both cheesy and bacon-y or some deeply local dishes that feature cheese.

When one of the dishes grabs your eyes’ and tastebuds’ attention, you can click on it to learn its ingredients and check the restaurant’s open hours.

How to Dine with Hankr

Craving something that’s both comforting and vegetarian? Garlicky yet light and sharable? A hearty morning meal before you head out to the trail or the water? Try different combinations of “mood,” “cuisine,” and/or “dish” filters to find multiple meals at different restaurants that fit the bill.

Want a true Door County meal without sacrificing healthiness? Explore all your options in one place. Want a salad when the rest of your group wants pizza? Use Hankr to compare menus and find restaurants that serve both. In desperate need of a bagel on a Saturday morning? Quickly and easily find out where you can grab one.

The regional dining scene—from the highest-end bistro to the smallest hole-in-the-wall pub—has been garnering an impressive reputation for food-and-wine excellence in recent years. Now is the time to check out (or dive deeper into) this burgeoning food scene, and the visual dining guide is a great place to start exploring which fresh ingredients, local delicacies, and outstanding meals await you up here.


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