Fresh Air & Living Well

Spring is well on its way. Soon we’ll start to see the plants coming back to life, the waves return to the lake, and animals resurfacing after a long winter slumber. Additional shops will start to open their doors and seasonal residents will make the drive up to air out their cabins. The seasons are changing, bringing with it a change in the air, a fresh revitalization that will wake us from hibernation.


While most would not venture to jump in the lake just yet, we relish in the March days when the sun shines bright before the hustle of the summer rush rolls through. Make the most of the sunny spring days. Carry your cup of coffee outdoors, or take your dog for a long walk, and close your eyes as the bright rays warm your face. Take a deep breath in and feel your lungs expand with possibilities. This is spring, a time of revitalization and a time to live life well.


What are your favorite springtime rituals?