Eco-Friendly Lodging

Eco-Friendly Lodging


Door County is a popular destination for eco-conscious travelers coming to explore our breathtaking parks, unique art scene, and cherry and apple orchards. Lucky for them, Travel Wisconsin makes it easy to make responsible choices with their Travel Green initiative.

Initiated in 2006, the Travel Green Wisconsin program helps promote environmentally friendly businesses across the state. Travel Green Certified businesses support local farmers, artists and other businesses to protect future generations and support the local economy.

Door County proudly has a large number of Travel Green Certified businesses across our 19 communities. From lodging and retail to restaurants and activities, you’re able to make a sustainable choice while traveling across the county.

One lodging option taking their green initiative a step further is the High Point Inn

in Ephraim. They’re continually updating their establishment with water-efficient toilets, energy-efficient light bulbs, and Energy Star appliances when needed.

Some of the bigger eco-friendly updates included a new roof with radiant barriers to help lower heat and cooling waste and an EVS charging station installed in 2014. More are being installed throughout the county and you can even find one at the Door County Visitor Bureau.

But it’s not just the big projects that matter. In a place with a lot of moving parts, every bit counts when it comes to conserving energy. That’s why the staff at High Point has been educated to use green practices like turning off lights, turning down the heat or air conditioning in unoccupied rooms, using pool lights only after dusk, power down unused hotel equipment and asking guests to conserve energy by reusing towels.

So while you’re enjoying the picturesque views of the County don’t forget to think sustainably and check out some of the Travel Green Certified businesses during your trip.


Door County Travel Green Certified Lodging Options

Baileys Harbor

Blacksmith Inn On The Shore

Journeys End Motel & Cabins

The Rushes


Egg Harbor


Bay Point Inn

Door County Cottages

Landmark Resort



Bay Breeze Resort

Eagle Harbor Inn

High Point Inn

Lodgings At Pioneer Lane

Village Green Lodge


Fish Creek

Little Sweden

White Gull Inn


Gills Rock

Terra Cottages


Sister Bay

Birchwood Lodge

Country House Resort


Sturgeon Bay

Bridgeport Waterfront Resort

Cliff Dwellers Resort

Holiday Music Motel

Westwood Shores Waterfront Resort