Life is About
Testing the Waters

Life is About Testing the Waters

There’s something about water that calls to the human body. It calms, it quenches, and it provides endless exploration and fun. So jump on in and feel the rushing revitalization as water envelops your body, and cools your skin from the hot summer sun. With beaches, inland lakes and even deeper waters off shore, there’s always a new way to experience water in Door County.

Whether you’re enjoying time with friends and family or looking to squeeze in a workout, the cool waters of Door County offer a perfect escape from the summer heat. Our beautiful beaches let you casually splash and swim. Get a rush on top of the water by renting a kayak, jet ski, or boat. Or become completely submerged in adventure by exploring Death’s Door’s shipwrecks above or underwater.

Life is about getting out there and trying new things. Start testing new waters this month. Tell us what you look forward to trying this summer in Door County.

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