What's New in 2019
in Door County

Eagle Tower

Eagle Tower to Reopen

On June 4–6, the Celebrate Water Summit will conclude a full year of celebration and education around the topic of water of Door County. The 3-day summit is held at the Landmark Resort in Egg Harbor and will feature a keynote speaker, educational sessions, and field trips. Find all the events and information on the website.

A Door County favorite is being restored with the completion of a new Eagle Tower in Peninsula State Park. When the old Eagle Tower observation tower was deemed unsafe and had to be dismantled in 2015, it was the end of a cherished tradition for many Door County visitors.

Fortunately, the funds and approvals for a new tower are now complete, and the plan is set to open to the public in late summer. The new tower will be 60-feet tall and have an 850-foot ramp traveling through the trees and canopy to provide additional viewpoints and make the observation deck more accessible.