Explore New Tastes

Explore New Tastes

Door County is a foodie’s paradise filled with unique culinary creations for you to explore. Lose yourself in delicious dishes, discover new favorites, and tour the county with your taste buds. While summer may seem like the natural time to try new dishes, winter offers its own variety of flavorful ingredients. The Whistling Swan’s Executive Chef, Ryan Klawitter, shows us how he tailors this gnudi recipe with regional winter ingredients and how the communities have inspired his creations.

Klawitter, who is a new to Door County, says that the move to has strengthened his appreciation for a community of farmers and eaters who understand that good food starts long before it reaches the plates of diners.

“I feel so fortunate to have found a space to create in Door County at a time that farmers, foragers and small growers are all hitting their stride and are passionate about the product they supply. Each season brings new ingredients and challenges. My hope is that our guests will find flavors that excite and captivate them, while at the same time evoking a sense of delight and satisfaction.”

Known for their urban and inventive flavors, the chefs at The Whistling Swan prepared this basic gnudi recipe that can be applied to any season. Add sautéed ramp bulbs, morels and micro greens in the spring, or try a winter version with roasted butternut squash and your favorite brassicas tossed with a hearty Italian sausage.

Learn more about The Whistling Swan and try the recipe below. Let us know how yours turn out. Enjoy!

Whistling Swan Chèvre Gnudi


  • 16 oz. chèvre goat cheese
  • 1 c. all purpose flour, plus extra set aside for rolling
  • 1 egg
  • Pinch of salt


  • Put a pot of salted water on to boil
  • In a bowl, mix the chèvre, egg and salt until smooth
  • Add flour and mix until just incorporated
  • Cut dough into 6-8 pieces. Roll each piece on a well-floured surface until it resembles a rope about .5-.75 inches in diameter. Liberally flour the ropes
  • One at a time, cut the ropes with a knife into 1 inch pieces
  • Drop gnudi into boiling water a few handfuls at a time. When the gnudi rise to the surface they are finished cooking. Remove with a slotted spoon
  • Toss the gnudi in a prepared sauce or allow them to dry and then fry with the following method
  • To fry: melt butter in a sauté pan until almost browning or heat olive oil to just before the smoke point. Test one gnudi to make sure the fat is hot enough that the rest won’t stick then fry one layer at a time until golden brown