Keep it Simple
with Simple Life Hospitality

Keep it Simple with The Simple Life Hospitality

When Wendy Schultz took stock of her life nearly ten years ago, she saw a successful woman with lots of friends, a beautiful family, and a coveted job, yet she was feeling stressed and burnt out and was working very long hours. She knew it was time for a change. In 2013, The Simple Life Décor was born—a retail store in Egg Harbor featuring vacation home furniture and décor, as well as design and remodeling services for vacation properties and hotels.

As her business and network evolved and made a name for itself through providing excellent customer service, Wendy and her family also began to see the need for a superior property management service in the Egg Harbor area. They began dreaming of building a network of vacation properties with the highest level of customer service.

Simple Life Hospitality

Soon enough, through friendships built with store customers and vacation property owners, the word spread about the Schultz’s vision for vacation property management and The Simple Life Hospitality was born. At the same time, in 2017, Wendy decided to formally close The Simple Life Décor retail store in order to concentrate on their now expanding network of properties.

Today, The Simple Life Hospitality is a family run business founded on the principles of simple living and life enrichment through creating memories with family and friends. The goal of the business is to offer a superior experience to guests and property owners alike. They have a variety of one and two bedroom vacation rental properties in the Egg Harbor area—all of which are recommended to book early, especially during the 4th of July holiday, the Door County Triathlon weekend, the first weekend in August, and fall festival weekends in October.

Simple Life Hospitality

The business is also multi-faceted: the focus of the business is managing vacation rentals, but the Schultz's also assist and consult with vacation property owners who are interested in evaluating and improving their properties. The consultation service starts with a property and listing analysis in order to provide suggestions regarding pricing, description of the property, and photos.

“Small changes can make a big difference in rental revenue,” says Wendy, “which is why we also offer services for design and project management in order to make a rental aesthetically pleasing to your prospective guests.”

The properties managed by Simple Life are great examples of rentals that attract vacationers all year round. Many of the listings have full size kitchens, access to desired amenities, and ideal locations close to family-favorite attractions and waterfront. All of the properties are thoughtfully decorated and maintained to provide a unique and relaxing getaway. Whether you are looking for modern style decor, rustic, or nostalgic feel, there are properties to fit all travelers.

Wendy and her family are here to help property owners and guests enjoy a simple, fulfilling life or vacation here in Door County. Come stay with The Simple Life Hospitality and experience it for yourself or, get in touch for a property consultation today to make 2019 the best, most rewarding year yet. Visit for more information

Simple Life Hospitality