Cooking Connections

Cooking Connections

Door County is host to many family gatherings. Whether it’s shared picnics, lunch along the lake or brunch in a café, families love to spend time together here, but what happens when they go home to their busy schedules? Between housework and deadlines it’s easy to rely on a quick fix. But instead of rushing to pick up the nearest fast food, take some time to remember the feeling you had while sharing a meal with your family in Door County. Put the tablets down, take the time to prepare a meal together and reconnect over your flavorful creations.

Can you remember cooking with your grandmother? Perhaps your father showed you his secret to grilling the perfect burger. Not only does cooking together as a family help preserve family traditions and recipes, it also helps us come together and form happy memories. The meals and memories we make together can last forever in our palette memories.

Not only does cooking together lead to laughter, appreciation, and new discoveries, cooking can help build confidence. There’s nothing more rewarding than experiencing the tasty results of your hard work.

So whether you’re looking to cook with your spouse or the entire family, taking the extra time out of your day can pay off much more than finishing your housework. Start reconnecting over your next meal.

And keep connecting during your trip here. Many of our cabins and cottages have full kitchens that you and your family can enjoy all year round.


What are your favorite meals to make together?