2015 Favorite

2015 Favorite Memories

We asked our Door County insiders to reflect on the past year and share their favorite memories. Come make lifelong memories yourself this coming year and let us know what your most memorable moments of 2015 were in Door County.


Local Kid Insider

My Favorite Door County memory from 2015 was this summer at Sister Bay beach. We had family visiting from out of town, but I got to hang out with my friends and do flips off the dock at the end of the day. My entire family jumped off the dock into the water. It was a great day.

Down to Earth Insider

My favorite Door County memory (and continuing activity) is having noted something beautiful every single day: multi-colored glacial till washed up by roaring waves, cherry-red thimbleberries against their vibrant green foliage, creamy white and silvery grays to rusty browns of peeling birches surrounded by forest silence.

On the Go Insider

My favorite memory was kayak fishing with my husband, Andy, on Kangaroo Lake. I ended up catching a really nice fish out by the island and saw dozens of suckers and Garr spawning in the little slough on the east side of the lake. The water is really shallow so you are literally inches from the fish as you paddle over them.

Cool and Connected Insider

Crossing an item off our bucket list, my boyfriend and I finished the Door County Century together to celebrate his 30th birthday. As a surprise, his friends and family gathered to surprise him at each rest stop. He never caught on it was planned. In the end, it was a beautiful way to see the peninsula and one of my favorite Door County memories for life.

Shutter Bug Insider

Photographing the aurora borealis (northern lights) in Door County. I began this year with a goal of capturing them and was pleasantly surprised when on St. Patrick’s Day, a large solar storm lit up the skies with dancing green lights for many hours. A friend and I chased the lights that night along the frozen shorelines from Fish Creek to Garrett’s Bay. Awe and wonder would be the two words I can use to describe the experience.

photo credit - Solar Symphony

Generational Family Insider

This summer, we had friends over for the Fourth of July. They had never visited this part of Wisconsin and were eager to explore the area. That weekend, my husband and I shared our favorite restaurants, activities, wineries, experiences, and most important, views. Each day brought new adventures as we viewed Door County through their eyes, and we were reminded of what made us fall in love with this paradise.

Life and Style Insider

My favorite memory was at Waterfront Mary’s this summer for an alfresco Friday fish fry – watching the boats go by on the waters of Sturgeon Bay with the shipyards in the distance. There were happy people, dogs wandering, a band playing on the deck. Sublime. Nothing out of the ordinary, but this is what makes Door County, Door County. It’s a night forever in my brain and in my heart.

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