the Waters

Explore the Waters

There’s something about the water that draws us in and doesn’t let go. It’s therapeutic in its own right, providing a calm that only water can give us. One that rejuvenates your mind and spirit. It’s essential to our bodies and our ecosystem. And we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by it in Door County.

Reap the benefits of water by spending a day with it. Pamper yourself with a day of boating and sailing. Feel the wind against your skin as the sun kisses your face and take in the sights of expansive waters, beautiful shoreline bluffs, and hills of trees reaching skyward. Rent one yourself, or take a guided boat tour that lets you relax while discovering the area.

For a sight unlike any other, you can even tour the scenery by airplane. Pass over parks, islands, lakes and more. And if you feel the itch to get into the water, there are endless activities for all ages to enjoy. 

Because we’re encompassed by water, there are hundreds of miles of shoreline for you to experience the water without ever leaving the land. Grab a bottle of wine and your loved one to enjoy a sunset by the pier or in the sand and listen to the waves roll in while the skies dance with a wave of color above.

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