From the nature of art to the art of brewing, the Our Door County video series has told a wide variety of Door County stories since it launched in January of 2016. 

With another jam-packed summer season almost here, we thought we'd give you a condensed version of everything there is to see and experience in Door County. The only limit is your spirit of adventure.

Over the last 16 months we've taken you to the lakebed to explore long lost shipwrecks, into the woods to find out why nature is so integral to the people of Door County, and out to the trails where locals run and bike in a silent sports paradise. 

Meet foodies, characters, and fun-loving fruit loops who make Door County one of the most welcoming, unique destinations in America. 

Whether you're simply looking for new adventures for your next visit, or seeking to get to know the people that make this place tick, the Our Door County series is your ticket inside. Watch the highlights in the clip below, but be fore-warned, side effects may include FOMO for Door County, hunger pangs, and wanderlust. 

Enjoy Our Door County!


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