The Motivation
to Move

Motivation to Move

Work out those kinks. Stretch deeper. Breath harder. Work muscles you haven’t felt in a while. Feel that moment when your mind and body are awake and at one with another.

Spring is the season to get back outside and get moving. So start pounding the pavement, putting air into your tires, and practicing your poses.

Whether you’re training for an event or simply staying on track, now’s the time to be your best self and there’s no better place embrace the best you than in Door County. Our beautiful scenery and recreationally friendly terrain let you reenergize your spirit and kick your body into gear. Plus, the lake’s breezes keep you cool and collected when you start to sweat. With such a wide variety of sports and recreation activities including the Door County Triathlon and Door County Fall 50 you’ll never be without a challenge or get bored of your workout.

Part of living well is finding a routine you can stick to. Move your muscles with yoga by the shoreline, kayak through Lake Michigan’s waves, or play a round of golf at one of the County’s 11 courses. If you’re into running, hiking, or biking, look no further than our winding country roads or the peaceful forest trails in our five state parks. Find an activity to do together or make it your “me” time.

Start living your best life now. Tell us your favorite way to get moving around the County.