Top Door County
Birding Tips

Door County Birding Tips

  1. Prep for your birding adventure by listening to bird calls while driving to Door County. Your local library may offer tapes and CDs to borrow, and there are tons of apps and online resources for listening to bird calls.

  2. In spring, visit shorelines with tall pine trees to catch migrating birds. They flock to the pine trees to pick midges that have come out of the shallow water.

  3. Head out after a day of strong winds from the south, which help migrating birds fly north.

  4. Find binoculars that offer an objective lens measurement between 30 and 45 mm, and try for magnification from 6 to 8.

  5. While you are strolling through our lush forests, see large, rectangular woodpecker-created holes in dead trees. There are a lot of these types of holes along the Ice Age Trail in Potawatomi State Park in Sturgeon Bay. Pileated woodpeckers drill for ants, leaving behind important shelters for owls, bats, ducks, and swifts.

  6. Get some black oil or striped sunflower seeds and head to the nature center at Peninsula State Park in Fish Creek; sprinkle some seed on your outstretched arm, or on top of your head, hold still, and wait. Soon, a chickadee will come to perch on you, look you in the eye, snatch a seed, and take it back to a nearby branch to crack it open.

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