Art Galleries

Door County is home to hundreds of artists specializing in everything from painting, to music, to theater, and every genre in between. It’s no surprise that the arts are a big part of Door County culture.

More than 100 galleries and studios can be found in villages, towns, and tucked amidst the countryside of Door County, giving visitors a chance to view their creativity, and to see the artists at work.

Artists first started coming here in droves in the 1930s, when people like Gerhard Miller, Jens Jensen, and Madeline Tourteloux were carving out a corner for creatives on the peninsula. Their legacy is seen every day in the tapestry that makes up the Door County art scene of potters, sculptors, carvers, painters, sketch artists, and photographers.

Take a peek inside the world of Door County artists in the video, Our Door County – The Artist’s Life.

Then start planning your own journey through the arts. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your own creative side here.


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