Protecting the environment and its delicate ecosystems is integral to the culture and lifestyle here. In the summer of 2014, an electric vehicle charging station was unveiled at the Door County Visitor Bureau Welcome Center in Sturgeon Bay. Several others are planned for Ephraim and Egg Harbor in the near future. In addition, more than 50 Door County entities are now Travel Green Wisconsin Certified Businesses, including hotels, motels, inns, resorts, restaurants, coffee houses, tour operators, shops, parks, and even municipalities. These businesses have committed to improve their operations in order to reduce their environmental and social impact.

Imagine yourself seated on the sprawling front porch of a historic bed and breakfast nestled within a quaint waterfront village. Birds rest gingerly on the branches of a shade tree, the scent of fresh baked bread beckons you to breakfast as sunlight begins to drench the countryside. Framed by 300 miles of rocky, majestic shoreline, Door County is home to oceanfront experiences and seaside escapes hidden within the heart of the Midwest. Bolstering five state parks, 19 county parks, five inland lakes, and 53 Lake Michigan beaches, preservation of the Peninsula's beauty lies deeply engrained within the life and culture of the area. If you appreciate the environment like we do, then a Door County getaway is the perfect opportunity to unwind and revel in the sanctity of nature while remaining a good steward of Mother Earth.

Launched in 2006, Travel Green Wisconsin promotes smart, environmentally friendly businesses offering certification to those with a total of 35 points or more in nine sustainable, eco-friendly categories ranging from waste reduction to education and landscape conservation.

By purchasing local fruit, vegetables, fish, and other food staples along with organic cleaning products and recycled paper products, Travel Green certified lodging establishments support local businesses and lessen their environmental impact. This effort is carried over into on-site composting programs to reduce waste, fluorescent lighting to reduce energy use, and regular maintenance of water-using appliances such as faucets and toilets to conserve water. Currently, there are 44 proud Travel Green Certified businesses within Door County leading the way for a better tomorrow. Every little bit of effort makes a difference as participants have come to discover. In one year, Door County Travel Green establishments were able to save over $17,000 in energy costs and reduce annual CO2 emissions by over 207,000 pounds. Furthermore, installation of low-flow bathroom fixtures have reduced annual water use by over 610,000 gallons which is equivalent to 5.8 million 13.5 oz. water bottles. So why not rest your head a little easier and sleep a little deeper on vacation knowing you've done your part to protect and preserve our beautiful Earth? Explore all the diverse, environmentally friendly lodging options Door County has to offer and book your stay today!

Once you have secured a spot to rest and recuperate, the next question is, what will you do with your coveted time in Door County? Being the eco-friendly individual you are, you will be delighted to discover an extensive array of "green" ways to spend your days. If hiking is your pleasure, lace up your leather and hit the trail for an unforgettable experience. If biking is your sport, tune-up your two-wheeled transportation and explore the Door one pedal at a time. Each of the County's 24 parks offer outdoor enthusiasts a unique setting abundant with scenic vistas and pleasant surprises. Kayak along the shore, bask in the serene surroundings as limestone cliffs and fern covered bluffs tower above you. If underwater exploration peaks your interest, throw on your scuba gear and dive into the deep blue that is home to over 300 shipwrecks. For a memorable family experience, hop aboard a Segway or saddle up and spend the afternoon horseback riding. The possibilities are endless and the memories are precious, the tough part is deciding how to divvy up your time amongst so many eco-friendly adventures.

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 As you plan your trip, sit back - relax, the guess work is already done. Before you know it, you'll be traveling green and effortlessly doing your part to preserve the environment one day of vacation at a time. With so many eco-friendly activities from kayaking to hiking, biking, and golf, there won't be a dull moment. And don't forget, your green getaway doesn't end with lodging and recreation. A bounty of locally grown and harvested ingredients are a Door County Chef's secret to creating the freshest, flavorful dishes you can find. Locally-sourced meat and cheese along with seasonal fruits and vegetables offer a true taste of what Door County has to offer. By patronizing green businesses you are investing in a sustainable future locally, nationally, as well as, internationally. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and join the movement where the grass is a little greener and the songbirds sing a little sweeter.