Door County businesses commit to reducing environmental impacts

As an area that makes its living and makes its fun on the nature that surrounds us, protecting the environment is integral to the Door County culture and lifestyle. Communities, business owners and residents are committed to living green and we encourage visitors to join us. If you appreciate the environment like we do, then a Door County getaway is the perfect opportunity to unwind and revel in the sanctity of nature while remaining a good steward of the land.


Travel Green Wisconsin

Launched in 2006, Travel Green Wisconsin promotes smart, environmentally friendly business by offering certification to businesses that participate in activities such as waste reduction, education, and landscape conservation. There are 48 Door County businesses with the Travel Green Wisconsin certification.  By patronizing green businesses, you are investing in a sustainable future locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Traveling in an Electric Car?

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

There are two free charging stations in Door County at the Door County Welcome Center, 1015 Green Bay Road, in Sturgeon Bay. See a full list of businesses offering electric vehicle charging stations where more are being added each year. 

Experience Green

Door County business are not the only things that are green in the county. Framed by 300 miles of shoreline, Door County is home to experiences akin to oceanfront and seaside escapes hidden within the heart of the Midwest. With five state parks, 19 county parks, five inland lakes, and 53 Lake Michigan beaches, you can find your outdoor experience as you travel green.  

Door County’s Travel Green Businesses

By purchasing local fruit, vegetables, fish, and other food staples along with organic cleaning products and recycled paper products, Travel Green certified lodging establishments support local businesses and lessen their environmental impact. This effort is carried over into on-site composting programs to reduce waste, fluorescent lighting to reduce energy use, and regular maintenance of water-using appliances such as faucets and toilets to conserve water.

Door County Travel Green establishments were able to save over $17,000 in energy costs and reduce annual CO2 emissions by over 207,000 pounds in one year. Installation of low-flow bathroom fixtures has reduced annual water use by over 610,000 gallons which is equivalent to 5.8 million 13.5 oz. water bottles.