Spirit of Door County, Inc.

Our Mission:

To protect and enhance the unique natural environment and ecoculture of the Door County region through education programs and promotion of sustainable and responsible travel aimed at ensuring a sustainable future for the region, as well as aid in the education of Door County citizens through scholarships.


About us:

Spirit of Door County was created by Destination Door County, the Destination Marketing/Managing Organization. Destination Door County, formerly the Door County Visitor Bureau, was established over 100 years ago, with its primary focus on marketing Door County to increase the number of people who visit, stay overnight, and spend money to benefit our local economy.

While the focus of the organization remains the economic benefit of these visitors, we are also working to preserve what makes Door County the beautiful destination that people want to visit by the hundreds of thousands each year. After considerable research, Destination Door County determined that we must educate not only our visitors, but also our residents on the steps we can all take to be good stewards of the land, so that future generations will be able to embrace its natural beauty.

Spirit of Door County will allow Destination Door County to apply for grants to help fulfill these educational needs, and to partner with other organizations to work towards a common goal: to protect and sustain Door County for generations to come. 



Please join in our efforts to educate all who enjoy Door County, to protect and sustain it.


Contact us:

For questions and comments, please contact Jack Moneypenny at jack@doorcounty.com or 920.818.1131.