Henriksen Fisheries

Proud supplier of our Signature BONELESS WHITEFISH FILLETS, fish boil chunks and whole fish to over 30 favorite local restaurants and smokehouses and on our 35th year. Now, Henriksen Fisheries is taking their multi-generational experience to the public full-on with a new endeavor, Henriksen’s Fish House, just North of Gus Klenke’s Garage in Ellison Bay. Building on our Farmer’s Market offerings, The Fish House will feature our famous fresh boneless whitefish fillets, and will also introduce small batch, in-house products, featuring our ‘special spice’ Whitefish Spread, made with cream and goat cheese. We also can’t wait to share our other special Henriksen delicacies, and showcase a variety of seafood and local artisan products. We are the proud home and premiere outlet of GEMMA LOU’S DOOR COUNTY FURBABY TREATS. Keep an eye out for our full retail opening date in Spring of 2021.

Categories: Markets/Specialty Foods

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