Brilliant Stranger

Brilliant Stranger is the home of Brilliant Stranger Clothing, a unique line of one of a kind and limited edition dresses, shirts, tunics and (the somewhat famous) Brilliant Stranger overalls made by local artist Dawn Patel in collaboration with Fair Trade artisans in Nepal. Dawn’s studio workshop is inside of the shop, and she can often be found sewing, printing or painting on site. Visitors will also find handmade One of a Kind acoustic guitars by local artist Dale Kumbalek, paintings, prints and wall textiles by Dawn Patel. The new location also has a wide array of handmade fair trade and Wisconsin-Made art, clothing, accessories and housewares, as well as books, vintage textiles, metalwork, beads and charms from near and far. Discover the Brilliant Strangers of the world and experience the Brilliant Stranger in you. SHOP ONLINE! Free shipping on orders over $35.

Categories: Make Your Own Art, Arts/Crafts


Open limited hours F-M noon-3pm. Or call, text or email for an appointment outside of these hours.

Winter Hours

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