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I am certified as a Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), HNLP (Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology) and a certified Cognizent HNLP Practitioner Levels I and II. Through my transformational coaching work I have helped many clients get through their difficulties and experience peace of mind and happiness again.

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Transformational Coaching:

 What It Is: Transformational Coaching to me means coaching people to be the best version of themselves. How do I do that? By using NLP and HNLP techniques.

How often do we carry around emotional baggage/anxiety/negative feelings/trauma or anything else that causes suffering and miss out on living our best life?  With this type of coaching I will train your brain on new ways of thinking to get you back to peak performance and at the top of your game and help you create a future that aligns with you.

By definition, NLP is the study between the mind (our thinking, Neuro), and language (Linguistic) and how they affect our body and behavior (Programming).  HNLP (Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology) is the study of how our mind creates reality through language and behavior. So, what does this all mean? In simple terms, it means I use language to re-train your brain.  We can heal old memories, doubts and fears and create a more harmonious self. Would that be OK?

 What It Is Not: Transformational Coaching is not your momma’s counseling.  You’re not going to sit in a room or listen on the phone to your coach telling you how you messed up and how you can do better.  It’s not traditional therapy where you and your therapist discuss what happened last week just so you can just get it out of your system, it’s not talk therapy and it’s not about creating barriers.

 What You’ll Be Learning: Stress Reduction Tools including but not limited to Brain Based Leveraging Techniques, easy to learn Meditation Techniques and Breathing Techniques.  You’ll learn how to manage your emotions, become more resilient and become less reactive. The key to this training is slowing things down and really listening to your body.  Besides learning all these new skills we’ll have fun doing it!  

We’ll clear up the things that have been holding you back, get really present with all the fantastic things happening in your life and create a future that aligns with you and lights you up so you can move into your purpose and passions.

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