Music to Your Ears,
Compliments of
Mother Nature

Door County is a favorite spot for birders

Bird City WisconsinIf you're attuned to the movements and sounds of our feathered friends, there's plenty of activity to keep your eyes and ears aflutter in Door County! The same pristine natural features that draw millions of visitors to Door County each year attract multitudes of birds as well. Numerous preserved and protected landscapes along with serene natural habitats and 300 miles of varied shoreline, create a unique environment for our fellow avian friends. Like people, some winged travelers stay year round, while others come just for a season before moving on with the changing seasonal winds. In fact, over 300 species or 1/3 of North America's native bird population, has been spotted along the peninsula and outlying islands making it a prime location for spotting species both common and rare. Birding in Door County an extraordinary experience and for this reason, the entire county was designated a Bird City Wisconsin community on July 28th, 2014.

A total of 19 county parks, two nature sanctuaries, and 13 protected areas of the Door County Land Trust provide birding enthusiasts with ample opportunities to observe and study year-round. Spring is a time of great excitement in the County, especially for Egg Harbor, Baileys Harbor and Ephraim which also carry their own Bird City Wisconsin designation within the county. Fields begin to flood as the shoreline and inland lakes thaw creating a welcoming environment for migrant ducks, geese, and cranes. As spring unfolds, tree buds burst open signaling the prime time to explore forests, fields, and other diverse landscapes for a glimpse of new avian arrivals. With the arrival of summer, shorebirds begin to populate the area in droves spending anywhere from three days to a week in one location. When leaves turn vivid shades of orange, yellow, and red with the onset of autumn, Tundra Swans, Wood Ducks, and Canadian Geese can be found soaring against the colorful harvest backdrop as they journey south for winter. Even when trees become bare and snow falls upon the rolling hills, limestone bluffs and open meadows, many birds including the Black Capped Chickadee and Northern Cardinal can be found braving the winter wind and frigid temperatures.

Come see what has locals, visitors, and birds of all feathers flocking to the scenic shores and breathtaking landscapes of Door County. From novice to expert, birders and nature enthusiasts of all ages and levels of experience are welcome.

Explore and observe at these mapped locations.